OppSites connects city development priorities with investor preferences.


Maximize Investment

A Completely New Type of Real Estate Listing

Underexposed, and prioritized for investment

Every municipality has a large number of properties where investment is prioritized and investor risk  is reduced. We call these locations, OppSites.


OppSites are not necessarily on the market, and their value may be largely unknown to prospective investors,  developers, and even the property owners themselves.
And that’s one of the key features of OppSites:


OppSites empowers cities to designate publicly and privately owned land as opportunity sites, even if they are not for sale, and in doing so, to draw attention to sites that might otherwise go unnoticed.



OppSites has two primary users:

Municipalities and the Investment Community




Municipalities and Planning Professionals

OppSites empowers cities to designate properties where new investment is prioritized, regardless of who owns them, and whether or not they are for sale, and broadcast that information to a national audience of investors, brokers, and developers.



Investors, Developers, and Brokers

Search OppSites for development opportunities that match your investment preferences. Subscribe to preferred cities and regions to receive updated listings and find local partners.


Municipalities and Planning Professionals

Save staff time while reaching a national audience of prospective investors. Realize community goals, and maximize the return on public investments.
Increase revenues and the value of the overall tax base.

Investors, Developers, and Brokers

Find underexposed investment opportunities. Gain local knowledge about local development priorities and incentives. Get an edge on the competition while reducing costs and risk.



is based in Oakland, California. Our team includes professionals with expertise in Urban Design, Economics, Real Estate, Business Strategy, and Technology.



Ian Wolfe Ross

Co-Founder & CEO

Tomas Janusas


Steven Orme



Fernando Altamirano

Graphic Designer

User Experience


Ken Vanosky

Business Strategy

Anthony E. Casolino

Business Development

Kurt Grubaugh

Information Technology

For Cities

Cities, Counties, Economic Development Corporations, Redevelopment and Successor Agencies etc.


For Planners

Planners, Architects, Site Selectors, etc.


2014 Launch


For Investment Community

Investors, Developers, REIT, & Brokers


Get Involved

Get Involved

We expect to vastly increase our market share when we present OppSites to hundreds of cities and thousands of planning and economic development professionals at the League of California Cities Conference, The Downtown Colorado Annual Conference, and the California Chapter of the American Planning Association in September 2014.

League of California Cities Conference

• OppSites will have a booth at the LCC Expo.


• 450 California Cities


• 1,900 City Officials and Planning Professionals



Los Angeles, CA • September 3-5


Downtown Colorado, Inc. Conference

• OppSites will have a booth at the DCI Expo.


• We will participate in the 1st annual Colorado Real Estate Redevelopment Forum: Public Sector tools to shape redevelopment of local communities.


• Colorado cities, City officials, and Planning Professionals.



Fort Collins, CO • September 9-12

APA California Annual Conference

Anaheim, CA • September 13-16

• OppSites will have Table Top in the Exhibit Hall.


• OppSites will facilitate "Monetize Your                                          Knowledge" a roundtable discussion between city officials and real estate professionals.


• Over 1,000 public and private sector attendees.




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363 17th Street, Suite 301

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