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What's Inside
Project Marketplace
Discover real estate and business opportunities in every city, county, and state in the nation
Member Network
Local leaders, real estate and business professionals, service providers, investors, business and property owners, etc.
Connect instantly with people, opportunities, resources, and expertise in every city and every opportunity zone.
Accelerating Opportunities in California’s 879 Opportunity Zones, and everywhere else.

While this Marketplace and Network covers every location in every city and county in the US, it gives special emphasis to project discovery in Opportunity Zones.

All of California’s Opportunity Zones are visible in the PlaceNetworks. When you create a project opportunity, it is automatically shared with investors, developers, and other network members. We will soon launch new features to connect Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOZF) with Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses (QOZB), and new resources to educate people about the tax advantages available for investments in designated California Opportunity Zones.

Step 1: Join your organization, create your account

Navigate to your Organization’s Profile Page then click Join to create your account. If your organization is not listed, Create a New Organization.

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Step 2: Join the PlaceNetworks where you live, work, invest, and pursue opportunities.

PlaceNetworks are communities of people and organizations working to improve every city. Join PlaceNetworks to find opportunities, make connections, be discovered for your expertise, and join the conversation.

Join local PlaceNetworks

If you’d like to be informed about all activity in California, join the California statewide PlaceNetwork.

Step 3: Create and Promote your Opportunities.

Create project opportunities from your Profile Page, or from your PlaceNetworks. Your opportunities will be shared with people who follow you or your organization, and your PlaceNetworks. You can share your opportunities to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Create Project Opportunities

This platform is evolving everyday. Some of the features you see - like the filters in the marketplace, and the tools for creating new project opportunities are still being developed. We’re working everyday to roll out new features, and are happy to receive your questions, comments, and ideas for how the marketplace can support your efforts.

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