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Burlington, NC


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City Description

Burlington is a community born of the railroad, with an ability to turn adversity into opportunity, as is evidenced by the City’s history…from a railroad town to textiles, to manufacturing and electronics. Today, Burlington enjoys a unique position in North Carolina. It is home to major industry, growing retail, residential development and is a world leader in medical diagnostics. Burlington is situated centrally to the Piedmont Triad and Triangle regions of North Carolina, along Interstates 40 and 85. Burlington is also in an excellent location for market accessibility to both the mid-Atlantic and southeast regions of the United States. Over half the population of the U.S. is located within 650 miles. Burlington is easily accessible by all 4 modes of transportation. Two major interstates run through Burlington, Interstates 40 and 85. Two international airports are approximately 45 minutes east and west of the City, offering both air freight and passenger service. Burlington is also served by our own rapidly expanding regional airport, offering top of the line FBO facilities. Rail transportation has been focal to Burlington and continues to be strong today. Rail service, operated by Norfolk-Southern, transects the City and connects it to points all along the east coast and beyond. In addition, several daily Amtrak trains provide passenger service. Burlington is accessible by sea as well. Six Deep Water Ports are within 344 miles of Burlington. Two of those ports, Wilmington and Morehead City, are approximately an easy 3 hour drive away. Burlington is ready to host your life, both for your family and for the center of your corporate activity. Burlington offers an ideal location, affordable quality of living, direct access to some of the nation’s finest universities, nationally ranked healthcare facilities, internationally known employers and the finest recreational, cultural, and retail opportunities anywhere in North Carolina or the United States.

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Key Reasons for Investment

While Burlington’s traditional economy, centered on the railroad, textiles and hosiery, has declined, the medical diagnostics, health care, transportation, and global logistics are redefining the city’s economy. Burlington has one of the best water supplies in the state, including two separate water treatment plants, a situation envied by our larger neighbors. Burlington’s water supply is a tremendous attraction to new industry. Burlington’s central location not only to the Piedmont Triad and Triangle regions, but North Carolina and the Eastern United States makes for a desirable location, not to mention its easy access to major road, air, rail and sea transportation.

Current and Future Development

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