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City Description

Eaton, Colorado embraces innovation, history, and industry. Eaton is named after the fourth governor of Colorado, Benjamin Harrison Eaton, who was a pioneer of irrigation who played a leading role in transforming the arid prairie of the Front Range into a thriving agricultural region with water brought from the nearby mountains in the late 19th century. Eaton, Colorado is the center of support and services for surrounding farms and families, as well as a transportation hub for the energy, agriculture, manufacturing and construction industries. Located on US Highway 85 and the Union Pacific Railroad, Eaton, Colorado is one of the few Colorado towns with a developing industrial park served by a mini-transload facility. Regionally located 5 miles north of Greeley on US Highway 85, 20minutes east of Fort Collins Population 5,000 SAFEST PLACES AWARD! Eaton has again ranked in the top five for a safety study conducted of Colorado’s cities and towns! In 2015 Eaton ranked 4th in the state!

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Key Reasons for Investment

Advantages in Eaton  Efficient development review process Projects can be permitted within 10 business days from the date of submittal of complete development plans and fees  Project development may begin upon permitting, while rezoning may be done simultaneously  Incentives may be available for priority projects. Incentives are awarded on a case by case basis. The criteria may include: number of new jobs created, average wages, revenue generated for the town, and the sustainability of the business.

Current and Future Development

Development Opportunities EATON INDUSTRIAL RAIL PARK NORTH AND SOUTH For Sale or Lease - will subdivide as small as 1 acre lots Industrial Land Zoned I-2 North Park – 14 Acres South Park – 120 Acres Contact: 970.454.3338 BROWN FARM – Housing Development Mixed housing - single family, multi-family, and senior housing campus For Sale - 166.19 Acres, Zoned agriculture Contact: 970.454.3338 KAMM FARM – Mixed Use Redevelopment Governor Eaton’s former Ranch For Sale - 59 Acres, Zoned agriculture Boutique hotel or bed & breakfast, restaurant, with onsite gardening, horse stables, brewery Contact: 970.454.3338 DOWNTOWN EATON - Main Street Commercial Retail Opportunities Town Square sites available for: restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bakery, and specialty retail stores Larger sites available for breweries, office supplies, executive or co-working office space, and destination restaurants Contact: 970.454.3338


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