El Cerrito, CA


El Cerrito, CA

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City Description

Known for its diversity, creative culture and striking landscapes, the City of El Cerrito is centrally located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, taking full advantage of San Francisco Bay views. Served by two BART stations, numerous AC Transit bus lines and other regional bus connections, and linked by Interstate 80, El Cerrito enjoys a close connection to San Francisco, Berkeley and its university campus, Oakland, Walnut Creek and Marin County. The Ohlone Greenway serves as a major north-south bicycle and pedestrian circulation spine with dedicated pockets of open space that connects El Cerrito with the neighboring cities of Albany, Richmond, and Berkeley. El Cerrito has many beautiful parks, major open space areas, several creeks, and easy access to the regional park system.

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Key Reasons for Investment

Whether you’re interested in developing a single family home, an existing commercial space, or a mixed-use multi-family infill site, our Planning and Building Division work closely to ensure a streamlined development process. The City of El Cerrito boasts a robust staff with personal expertise and customer service, offering the advantages of working with a small City. With a rapidly growing market, El Cerrito has worked hard to reduce barriers to the development process and adopted the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan in December 2014 to articulate a vision for the future of San Pablo Avenue. The Plan creates a framework for transforming San Pablo Avenue and provides context sensitive regulations, significantly reducing parking requirements, offering a streamlined tier process, and allowing for higher intensity mixed-use.

Current and Future Development

Several recent public and private investments have occurred, including Ohlone Greenway improvements, San Pablo Avenue streetscape improvements, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects, a new City Hall, the restored Cerrito Theater, and new residential and commercial developments.


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