Fulshear, TX


Fulshear, TX

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City Description

The City of Fulshear is a booming city that has grown by nearly 400% in the last five years. such growth includes not only new residents, but also new retail and commercial opportunities as well. The city recently annexed into its extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) 1,015 acres of prime real estate slated for commercial/industrial development. The city's economic policies focus on being pro-active and improving the quality of life.

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Key Reasons for Investment

The city of Fulshear has a pro-active economic development outlook that is forward thinking. Our Point West property is adjacent to the I-10 frontage and has superb access to the regional airports, the port of Houston, and has links to Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley.

Current and Future Development

Currently, our city is focused on developing Point West, which is real estate slated for commercial development. This land is adjacent to I-10 and has enormous potential as the surrounding region grows.


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