Gilroy, CA


Gilroy, CA


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City Description

Gilroy is strategically located in southern Silicon Valley, approximately 25 miles south of San Jose, California. It has excellent freeway access to the entire Bay Area, the Salinas Valley, and Central California. Gilroy is also a planned stop for the proposed High Speed Rail line from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Over the past decade, Gilroy has been diversifying its economy to become a major retail and employment destination.

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Key Reasons for Investment

Unlike other locations in the Bay Area, Gilroy has an abundance of land that is ready for development, including parcels zoned for commercial, industrial, or residential use. The City's infrastructure is strong and ready to accommodate new growth. Gilroy's workforce is talented, and local colleges have active programs to train students to meet specific employer needs.
The City of Gilroy is business-friendly and offers a wide range of incentive programs including one-stop permit processing, permit expediting and financial incentive programs for high sales tax or job-creation businesses.

Current and Future Development

Already considered a major center for regional shopping, Gilroy offers three large retail complexes with a vast array of products and services. Gilroy's retail market share attracts well over 200,000 shoppers and has taxable retail sales over $1 billion. It also has a vibrant historic downtown district, providing competitive opportunities for innovative retail and service-oriented businesses.


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