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Idaho Springs, CO

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City Description

Idaho Springs is located at 7,500 feet in elevation, just 30 minutes from Downtown Denver, and in the Colorado High County. With excellent access to I-70, this mountain town of approximately 1,700 permanent residents is experiencing a renaissance of development activity and tourism. Idaho Springs attractions include the Indian Hot Springs and Spa, world class whitewater rafting, the stunning Charlie Taylor Water Wheel Park, several mining tours, the Mt Evans Scenic Byway, nearby hiking and skiing, and a historic downtown experience with unique restaurants and shopping along a beautifully preserved main street. Idaho Springs also hosts events such as the Rapid Grass Bluegrass Festival and numerous bicycle races which draw thousands of visitors.

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Key Reasons for Investment

Idaho Springs has excellent access to I-70, a major transportation corridor connecting the eastern US to the Rocky Mountain West. The Denver Metro is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States, and Idaho Springs is just 30 minutes from Denver and is expecting unprecedented growth. Idaho Springs City Leaders are forward thinking and are moving quickly to ensure the City is prepared to meet the upcoming growth and development challenges. The unique geography and recreational opportunities are drawing large amounts of visitors from the Metro Area who are looking for short day trips. Idaho Springs is business-friendly and actively pursuing methods to streamline appropriate development. Most of the City already contains adequate infrastructure and broadband technology is available.

Current and Future Development

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) devolved Colorado Blvd, a previous State Highway, to Idaho Springs and it is now being redeveloped as a City Street. There is recent redevelopment interest regarding the historic Argo Mine for restaurants, a hotel, conference center and multifamily residential. A critical connection of the Peak to Plains Trail (trail from Continental Divide to the confluence of Clear Creek and the South Platte River) is in the design stage. There are approximately 79 acres of land at the SW and SE quadrant of I-70 and Exit 240 that are prime for development. A recent feasibility study which lists highest and best uses has been completed on the parcel. The site already contains water and sewer connections. The City is presently involved in a study to consider best redevelopment options for the eastern portion of the City, along Miner St and Colorado Blvd. There are ongoing discussions in regard to redevelopment of the Indian Hot Springs and Spa.


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