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Livermore, CA

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City Description

Incorporated in 1876, the City of Livermore is the easternmost city in the San Francisco Bay Area. With just over 88,000 residents, Livermore’s heritage is an eclectic blend of wine-making, cattle ranching and agriculture, cultural arts, and cutting edge technology. The city’s renowned reputation in science, technology and innovation is showcased at Sandia National Laboratories and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory which has been internationally recognized for its work in creating Element 116 and having it placed on the Periodic Table – Livermorium. The San Francisco Premium Outlets on Interstate-580 and the city’s award-winning downtown provide a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

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Key Reasons for Investment

With its robust research and development infrastructure and its growing entrepreneurial environment, Livermore is no longer just a nice place to live. It has become a vital hub in the Bay Area innovation system.
  • Strategic Location- Livermore’s centralized location, pro-business attitude, and its scenic setting make it an ideal community for new businesses.
  • Business Centers-The city offers a diverse, stable economy, a pro-business attitude and streamlined building approval process.
  • Amenities-Livermore’s arts, culture, western heritage, and vibrant wine and craft beer industry provide a unique blend to this special community.
  • Talent- Livermore is a magnet for highly skilled people who come to the region to work.
  • Innovation- The presence of world-class Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore fosters innovative methods of collaborative research with private sector and academia.
  • Current and Future Development

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