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Los Angeles, CA


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City Description

Los Angeles is the third largest metropolitan economy in the world, with a population of 13 million and a GDP of over $700 billion.
The Los Angeles economy is exceptionally diversified, with established industry clusters ranging from Aerospace, entertainment, and fashion to biomedical services, consumer products, and tourism. In each of these varied fields you'll find an approach to life and business that is distinctly L.A. - combining passion, innovation, and expertise in a way found nowhere else.

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Key Reasons for Investment

Los Angeles is an ideal place to grow a business, with access to large regional, national, and international markets. L.A.'s world-class infrastructure, extensive human capital, and highly diversified economy and resource network ensure that whatever your business needs to thrive, you can find it here.
Facts about the L.A. Economy:
- L.A. County has a larger GDP than the countries of Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Norway and Taiwan.
- About 40% of all containerized goods entering the U.S. pass through L.A., the largest seaport in the Western Hemisphere.
- L.A. County is the largest manufacturing center in the U.S., with more manufacturing jobs than the state of Michigan.
- L.A. is a world leader in aerospace, clean technology, entertainment, fashion, healthcare and tourism.
- Some of the many things invented in LA include: the Space Shuttle, the hula hoop, Myspace, the global positioning system, the fortune cookie, the modern skateboard, and the Mars Rover.
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