San Bruno, CA


San Bruno, CA


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City Description

The City of San Bruno is located 12 miles south of San Francisco and 40 miles north of San Jose. San Bruno is situated next to Highway 101 and is traversed by Interstate 380. San Francisco International Airport is located directly to the east of the City on the other side of Highway 101. Additionally, the City has a BART station and a new Caltrain station. San Bruno is located in northern San Mateo Count y just west of the San Francisco International Airport. The city extends approximately 3.5 miles from the relatively flat eastern areas along US 101 to the hilly western neighborhoods. The eastern portion of the city is more urbanized and has a greater mix of land uses; the western portion is primarily occupied by low-density residential development and open space. Commercial uses are concentrated along El Camino Real, San Mateo Avenue, and San Bruno Avenue, and in several regional and neighborhood shopping centers. East of El Camino Real, the San Bruno Park, Belle Air Park, and Lomita Park residential neighborhoods are located between these major commercial corridors.

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