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City Description

Fueled by innovation, entrepreneurship and a highly talented workforce, San José is home to some of the most cutting-edge companies in the world, with a diverse mix of driving technology corporations, light / heavy industrial companies and small businesses. Led by titans like Cisco and eBay, San José companies are the driving force behind the economic success enjoyed throughout Silicon Valley. In 2011, the region’s top 150 public companies had a combined net worth of $1.79 trillion, while producing $619 billion in sales and $101 billion in profits.

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Key Reasons for Investment

Why are San José and Silicon Valley such great places to do business? A recent survey of local CEOs cited: Access to skilled labor (named by 69% of respondents), Entrepreneurial mindset (67%), Proximity to customers and competitors (42%), Access to venture capital (26%), World-class universities (20%)

Current and Future Development

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