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District Description

The downtown district, Concord's historic community gathering place, is centered by Todos Santos Plaza and includes several opportunity sites that could be well-suited for housing, commercial or office developments near the downtown Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station.   The City undertook and approved a Downtown Specific Plan to articulate its vision for development in and around the downtown. 

The City identified vacant and underutilized sites within the area's boundaries that are projected to accommodate approximately 2,480 units, including the potential development of surface parking lots at BART with housing or employment uses, which would require that all or some of the parking be replaced.

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Planning & Policy Documents / Request for Proposals (RFP)

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Technical/Environmental Studies

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Financial/Economic Reports

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General/Comprehensive Plan Designation

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Master Plan/Specific Plan

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Zoning Designation

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Height Limits


Floor to Area Ratio (FAR)

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Dwelling Units per Acre

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Parking Requirement


Other Requirement


Community Support

Specific Plan adopted for portions of the downtown district area

Political Support






bike and ped improvements. Road way improvements

Private Investment

There are approximately 800 new residential units under construction, entitled or in permit process in the District.

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators


Contact Pedro Garcia

Pedro, from City of Concord, CA, has more details.


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