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District Description

The East Montclair/East Colfax neighborhood sits on the eastern edge of Denver at the Aurora city line. The neighborhood once had very distinct edges to the north and south as defined by the former government uses of Stapleton International Airport and Lowry Air Force Base. While these formerly government uses allowed little pedestrian and vehicular access, the mixed use redevelopment at Stapleton and Lowry has offered prime opportunity to transition, link and integrate these large redeveloped areas with the East Montclair/East Colfax neighborhood. Yosemite is a gateway into Denver and as such should receive special emphasis. Redevelopment should blend to aesthetically flow with the redevelopment of Lowry and Stapleton.

Colfax Avenue is the longest commercial arterial street in the United States. With blocks oriented in a north/south direction, alleys running perpendicular to the street, and one to two curb cuts per parcel, access is excessive. Parcels are small with individually built projects. As such, an innovative “incubator” small business type development is currently supported by the market. There is a mix of different types of businesses nearly every block resulting in both an eclectic experience and new discoveries.

There are prime opportunities for adaptive reuse of the mid-century modern motels, restaurants and retail sites lining the corridor. American Community Survey (2007-2011) reports that 36% of the population is foreign-born. OED seeks development that will not displace or supplant but enrich the entrepreneurial, ethnically-diverse retail in this corridor. Intersections of Quebec, Spruce and Syracuse are prime revitalization focuses.

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Other Requirement


Community Support

Colfax Corridor Connections Alternatives Analysis; East Montclair/East Colfax Neighborhood Plan; Stapleton Perimeter Assessment

Financial Programs

Greater than 51% of the residential population is at 80% Area Median Income (low-mod) providing for potential use of HUD Community Development Block Grant funds.

Tax Credit

Denver Enterprise Zone almost entirely; Jasmine to Monaco on the south side; Monaco to Quebec on the north side; Quebec to Yosemite, both north and south.




Bus Rapid Transit planned in 2017 between Denver's CBD to Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora at Peoria.

Private Investment

Krameria Corners (6110 E Colfax); Phoenix on the Fax (low-mod residential housing); Montclair Ace Hardware, Weisco Motors, Colorado Health Network

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators


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Sites in East Montclair/East Colfax

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