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Historic Jonesboro was founded in 1860 as a stop on the Western Railroad. In the late 1800s both Jonesboro and Sanford developed as manufacturing and market centers due to the lumber production created out of the long leaf pine forests that blanketed the county, as well as cotton that was being produced in Lee County's sandy soil. Although incorporated by the City of Sanford in the mid twentieth century, Jonesboro has retained its distinct historical identity and character.

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Zoned for Preferred Outcomes

zoning standards are designed to promote pedestrian scale store fronts with mixed occupancy

Political Support

recent investment of over $3 million in local public funding (City of Sanford) to install streetscape improvements






Streetscape project includes "undergrounding" of all utiities and replacing with street trees, decorative lighting and other amenities.


Streetscape improvements funded by local City tax $ provde for upgraded intersections and more walkable business district

Private Investment


Local Development Trends & Market Indicators


Contact marshall downey

marshall, from City of Sanford, NC, has more details.


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