West Oakland Specific Plan

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District Description

In June of 2014, the City of Oakland adopted a Specific Plan for West Oakland, an area west of downtown and south of Emeryville. The plan calls for building upon these strengths by encouraging new transit-oriented mixed income neighborhoods near the West Oakland BART station and the development of cultural and employment centers. A programmatic environmental impact report was certified for the Specific Plan, creating the possibility of a streamlined entitlement process for projects consistent with the Plan. See Section 4.2 in the Specific Plan for more information about opportunity sites in the Plan Area.

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General/Comprehensive Plan Designation

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Master Plan/Specific Plan

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Zoning Designation

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Height Limits

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Environmental Approval / Status

Zoned for Preferred Outcomes

Political Support

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BART Station, AC Transit, easy freeway access

Private Investment

City Ventures and Holliday Development are both pursuing new mixed-use projects in West Oakland. Food manufacturers Hodo Soy, Ocho candy-bar maker and Sweet Maria's a green coffee-bean seller, are all expanding operations in West Oakland.

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators


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Sites in West Oakland Specific Plan

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