General questions

OppSite is short for Opportunity Site.

An OppSite is any Opportunity Site, or District, big or small, publicly or privately owned, for sale, or not for sale, where a community would like to see new development.

Many people know of places in their community where they would like to see new development. Maybe the property is underutilized, or maybe what’s there today does not reflect the community’s vision. We call these locations OppSites.

Cities often make plans that increase the development potential and value of a particular place. Increased value may result from changes to zoning laws, nearby public and private investments, policies that streamline project approval, and less tangible factors such as political interest and changes to city priorities.

These Sites are not necessarily on the market and their value is largely unknown to prospective investors, and even to the property owners themselves. And that’s one of the key features of OppSites: OppSites connects city development priorities with investors to raise interest in Sites that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Cities, Counties, Organizations

Cities, counties, and related organizations (economic development corporations, BID’s, redevelopment agencies, etc.) use OppSites to Add an unlimited number of Districts and Sites.

Investors, Brokers, Developers, REITs, CRE Professionals, etc.

Members of the greater investment community use OppSites to Find development opportunities based on their investment criteria, and to learn the economic development context surrounding these Sites, including valuable local knowledge such as nearby investments, incentives, and community support.

Planners, Urban Designers, Economic Development Professionals

Private sector planning and economic development consultants use OppSites to help their clients implement their community’s economic development priorities. Through the planning process, they can identify and Add an unlimited number of Districts and Sites on behalf of their municipal clients.

Terms: OppSites for Economic Development Professionals beta

At the close of the beta period, Economic Development Professionals will have two ways to further leverage the OppSites platform:

  1. On-board your client cities, counties, EDOs and other qualified 'Listing Organizations' to ensure that development opportunities have local support.
  2. Become an OppSites Certified ED Provider (inquire at

Any city staff can Add Districts and Sites to OppSites by signing-up at no cost and identifying themselves as part of a municipality.

Many departments have valuable information about why a Site or District is a great opportunity. A Site may add value to an existing project, or be the result of a recent planning effort that represents community goals. Planning, economic development, and marketing departments can choose to work together, or elect a representative to collect insight and data from departments and other partners.

Collaborating Planners / Architects / Economic Development Professionals and Organizations

OppSites is designed to allow Cities to pool knowledge from different people and agencies. Any person who works with your City and can contribute information to your opportunity Sites is welcome to create an account and Add Districts and Sites in your City.

If you’re a consultant working with a city, use OppSites to show results, expand your professional services, leverage your expertise, and distinguish your firm. For example, you can attract capital to implement your planning goals, or Add Districts and Sites as part of your planning efforts.

No. Identifying a District or Site on OppSites does not change the status of an individual parcel. OppSites simply increases the transparency and accessibility of information that is already in the public record. By Adding a District or Site to the OppSites platform, cities are enhancing their planning processes, and aligning investment partners with the community’s goals. Often, this information can empower property owners to participate in the planning process and gain insight into the role of their property in that vision.

Benefits to Cities

  • Implement planning goals by communicating them to a broad audience of potential partners.
  • Increase government transparency.
  • Save staff time and money.
  • Lay the foundation for sustainable development.
  • Increase property values.
  • Leverage local assets and investments.

Benefits to Communities

  • Increase opportunities for living and working in your city.
  • Enhance livability and your overall quality of life.
  • Capture unrealized economic potential.
  • Preserve the rights of all property owners.
  • Achieve your vision for the future.

Benefits to Planners and Economic Development Professionals

  • Implement your clients’ planning goals by attracting capital to underperforming Districts and Sites.
  • Leverage your expertise about specific places, and create demand for your professional services at a national scale.

Benefits to the Investment Community

  • Find underexposed development opportunities.
  • Gain local knowledge. Learn about local incentives and priorities.
  • Reduce risk and save time and resources.

OppSites Basic Services are always free.

  • Cities can Add unlimited Districts and Sites, create a City Profile Page, and Share unlimited opportunities with your network.
  • Investors can Find unlimited opportunities and Share them with their network.

OppSites Premium Services are paid. You can upgrade your account at any time.

We currently offer two integrations for your convenience.

  1. An HTML iframe, which can be embedded directly into your organization's website, that displays your organization's sites on the OppSites map. Clicking on this map will redirect your audience to the site's profile page on our website.
  2. A button which links to your organization's unique profile page.

See the Integrations panel in your settings to get the code for these integrations.

Otherwise, please contact us at if your organization is interested in setting up a custom integration and we will get back to you shortly.

Getting Started with OppSites


Basic Membership - no cost

  • Identify an unlimited number of Districts and Sites with a city account and input local knowledge about opportunities.
  • Showcase city development priorities to investors and developers with a City Profile Page.
  • Provide real estate professionals with an interactive, searchable map of development opportunities.
  • Share an unlimited number of opportunities by emailing them to your professional network directly from OppSites.

Premium Membership - (pay per service, discounted packages available)

  • Promote Districts and Sites to a national network of investors and developers, and build your network.
  • Feature your City Profile Page and specific Districts and Sites on the OppSites homepage for maximum exposure.
  • Reduce staff time. OppSites will identify Districts and Sites and Add them to the OppSites platform on behalf of cities and partners.

Investors, Developers, Brokers

Basic Membership - no cost

  • Find pre-market opportunity Sites in multiple regions that match your investment criteria. We have individual and enterprise memberships available.
  • Share an unlimited number of opportunities by emailing them to your professional network directly from OppSites.

Premium Membership - (pay per service and enterprise packages available)

  • Follow preferred Cities to learn about Districts and Sites before they hit the market.
  • Leverage your local knowledge to build your national network as a Local Service Provider
  • Find Local Service Providers.
  • Advertise services to targeted regions and Cities.

Adding Districts and Sites to the OppSites platform is the first step. Our searchable database enhances the visibility of a city’s opportunities by literally putting them on a map. Municipalities spend time and money updating websites and advertising in trade journals to let the greater investment community find their opportunities. With OppSites, cities get immediate exposure to developers who are a match, nationwide, for free.

Sharing Districts and Sites with your network through the OppSites platform is the second step. Each opportunity can be shared via email directly from the Site details page, to an unlimited number of recipients.

Pro tip: With Premium Membership, you can Promote your Sites to OppSites' growing lists of investors and developers, to build your networks nationwide.

We can provide a logo for your webmaster to link directly to your OppSites City Profile Page, which lists all of your Sites. We are developing a widget just for this purpose, stay tuned!

Our marketing department can also provide a draft press release to announce OppSites as your technology partner to achieve economic development priorities. Please contact

Contact us at, and we will send you an image to add an OppSites partner badge to your city website.

We enjoy showing off the power and simplicity of our platform to your whole team. Browse and sign up for our upcoming webinars, or email us at

To put your city on the map, simply create an account, encourage your team members to do the same, and start Adding Districts and Sites. OppSites Basic Services are free, and do not require any commitment, contract, or fee.

We recommend bringing together the economic development, planning, and marketing departments to collaborate on how to capture the specialized knowledge from each department to enrich the information for each District and Site.

Here are two short videos to get you started: Add Sites, and Find Sites.

We understand that you may have invested time and money in your economic development goals. We designed OppSites to leverage this information, while helping you build your network to implement your planning goals. Think of OppSites as enhancing these efforts in several important ways:

OppSites combines the data that your city has in GIS, the property information that might be in CoStar, and your added local knowledge, and it promotes this information from one powerful, searchable platform to an international membership base of investors and developers.

Yes! OppSites combines the data that your city has in GIS with your added local knowledge, and it puts this information in one powerful, searchable place where the investment community is looking every day. You can upload GIS maps, documents, images, and reports to any Site. You can also create Districts using existing KML files.

Yes! There are a few ways you can make good use of your city’s existing resources with OppSites:

  • Upload maps, plans, RFPs and RFQs, proposals, studies, reports, images, fee schedules and any other resources your city has that might be related to an opportunity to a Site or District detail page.
  • Upload KML files to create Districts. If your city has existing GIS files for project areas, go ahead and drag-and-drop that file into the KML uploader on our Add District page.
  • Put links to your city website and other resources on your City Profile Page.

Adding an unlimited number of Districts and Sites is an OppSites Basic Service, meaning it you get it at no charge, forever.

  • Our growing network of members from the greater investment community: investors, brokers, developers, REITs, CRE professionals.
  • Site selectors representing international companies with specific criteria. Did you know that 33% of companies opening in the US are based internationally? This means they need quick access to a searchable database that can help them understand unique opportunities in your town, like OppSites. Analytics with detailed information about which individuals and organizations are looking at specific Sites in your City are coming soon as a Premium Service.
  • Other cities. They like to check out the competition.

We’re here to help. Send an email to, and someone from our team will be in touch.

OppSites works on whichever browser you’re comfortable with, but for the best experience you should use the most recent version of that browser. We’re in the process of optimizing OppSites for use on your tablet and mobile device, so stay tuned.

Don’t keep it to yourself! Let us know your feedback about how OppSites could work even better, and what kinds of features you would like to see in the future. Shoot us an email at

Find and Follow OppSites

  • Go to Find and adjust map, zoom, and filters to find new OppSites.
  • The results you see on the left correspond to the area that is viewable in map.
  • Expand the results tabs to seeCities, Districts, and Sites that match your criteria.
  • Click the Details button to learn more about each District and Site, or click Profile to learn more about a particular City.
  • Go to Find and adjust the map, zoom, and filters to locate Cities and Districts with OppSites.
  • When you find a City or a District that you would like to Follow, click on Follow City, select your preferences, and you're done. You will receive email updates when new Sites are added in that City.

We’re thrilled you found a opportunity that matches your development criteria. On the Site detail page, next to Site Info, there is a small contact icon, next to the name of the Site contact. Click on their name to open an email to them. You can also find additional contact information about that City on the City Profile Page.

Pro tip: If you want information on each parcel, scroll to the bottom of the Site detail page, and expand the Parcel Info section. There you can find ownership and contact information for each parcel in the Site.

Add Cities, Districts, and Sites

A Site is a specific development opportunity. A Site is made up of a limited number of parcels.

A District is typically a larger area that may encompass many Sites. A District can be a designated area, for example a transit corridor, downtown district, or another area from a specific plan. It can also be any region that the City is prioritizing for development.

There are two ways to Add Sites to OppSites:

On the Add page, select Sites on the map:

  • Zoom the map to parcels you want to Add, or type their address or APN in the search window on the map. Click on each parcel you wish to include, and see them appear on the right.
  • When you’ve selected all the parcels for the Site, click Create Site, and follow the dialogues to add valuable information about planning requirements; entitlement reduction; to upload photos and document; and to add local knowledge that investors may want to know.
  • Every parcel you select will inherit all information you enter for the Site. You can customize information for each parcel on The Opportunity tab if desired.
  • Click Done to view your site. It will be added to the database automatically and is now visible to all OppSites users.


On the Add page, draw a boundary box:

  • Zoom the map to parcels you want to include in the Site.
  • Press and hold the Alt or Option key, then click on map to create a boundary box. This will select all parcels within that area. Select Create Site.

There are two ways to Add Districts to OppSites:

On the Add page, select Add District, and draw a boundary box:

  • Zoom the map to parcels you want to include in the District.
  • Press and hold the Alt or Option key, then click on map to draw a boundary box.
  • ClickCreate District.
  • Provide insights, upload documents, enrich the opportunity.


On the Add page, select Add District, and upload a GIS file:

  • Drag and drop a KML/KMZ shapefile into the box or click Browse.
  • Click Create District.

Remember - You can add an unlimited number of Districts and Sites - free of charge.

You can edit Sites in any City that you work with. (Hint: Not sure if your account is associated with a City? Go to your Settings page and see what's listed under My Cities.)

  • On the Add page, in the My Sites list, you can click Edit under any of your Sites.
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to any Site detail page, either from the Find page, or from that City’s Profile Page. You can then select Edit on the left side of the page.

You can set the status of a Site to Visible, or Invisible.

Visible Sites appear on the map and are sent to your followers.

Invisible Sites are only accessible to members of your organization. They do not appear on the map, will not show up in searches, and are not sent to your followers. Use invisible mode to edit site with your team, and control the timing for them to appear on the map and show up in searches.

When creating or editing a Site you can change the status.

Amazing question. Herein lies the key to OppSites: When you create a Site or a District, and you identify Preferred Outcomes, you get to think outside the box. You are not just saying what the area is zoned for. You're listing every outcome that you think is favorable at that location, and you're communicating that preference to investors.

You are welcome and encouraged to select more than one Preferred Outcome.

To view your Sites, select the Add button at the top of any page, and select My Sites at the top of the right-hand column.

A City Profile Page is an overview of the city, a link to the fee schedule, and a list of all Districts and Sites in the OppSites database. Once you have Added the first Site within your City, you will be able to edit your City Profile Page and information.

  • Navigate to your Welcome Name tab and select your City Profile Page from the drop-down menu to view and edit your City information. You must be logged in with your City account to edit.

You can attach documents and images to your Districts and Sites while you are creating them, or once you have already created them. In the edit District or edit Site dialog, in the Images & Documents section, you can Browse and select or drag and drop your files.

You can upload as many documents you would like, of any size.

You can upload as many documents you would like, of any size. There is no limit.

You can edit the information for each parcel, either while creating a Site, or while editing it after you have created it.

In the create Site and edit Site dialog, on The Opportunity tab, there is a button for Customize for Each Parcel. Click that button to expand parcel information. Notice that all parcels have inherited the Site information, but you can customize each.

The most successful Districts and Sites are rich with information:

  • Give special time and attention to the Local Knowledge section, because this is where developers and investors are counting on your insight and expertise.
  • Share Sites with your team and encourage their input. For example, do you work with an environmental planner who can add valuable information to your Site? Can someone on your team give insight into local demographics? Etc.
  • Upload photos and documents like specific plans, RFPs and site surveys to enrich the opportunity Site.
Pro-tip: You can use basic HTML in the Site Description and Local Knowledge sections, to add links to your city website, municipal code, and any other helpful resources.

You can use basic HTML in the Site Description and Local Knowledge sections, to include links to your city website, municipal code, and any other helpful resources.



Remember to customize the DESIRED URL HERE.

  • Click the Add button at the top of any page. Select Add District.
  • Either drag and drop your KML file onto the map area, or click Browse and select the file you want to import.
  • Your district will appear on the map. Note: You must import one district at a time.
  • Select Create District, and follow the steps in the dialog to complete the opportunity.

OppSites uses Google Maps, so we need compatible files. OppSites accepts KML files - short for Keyhole Markup Language files.

If you are using ArcMap software, you can read the following article about tools that will help you convert your ESRI shapefiles into KMLs: Creating a KML in ArcGIS for Desktop

If you are signed up for Premium Services, we are happy to handle the data conversion for you.

You can print any City, District, or Site detail page. You can also print any email you have received about an opportunity.

Manage Contacts and Share Sites

  • Navigate to your Contacts page by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of any page, and selecting Contacts from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the plus sign next to contacts to input your first contact.
  • Click the plus sign next to Lists to create a new list to organize your contacts. You can create Personal or Organization Lists.
  • Select a contact to edit or delete it simply by clicking on it.

From a Site detail page, click the Share button of the left side of the screen.

Enter a personal message, enter an unlimited number of emails, and click Share Site.

  • Navigate to your Settings page, by clicking on your name at the top of any page, and selecting Settings.
  • If you are an administrator of your organization, you will see an Account Members section. Click the lock icon to be able to edit this section.
  • Select Invite Member, type in the email you wish to invite and the role you would like to assign them to, and they will receive sign-up instructions from us.
  • Navigate to your Settings page, by clicking on your name at the top of any page, and selecting Settings.
  • Click the lock icon to be able to edit any section.
  • Here you can edit your email and password, your email preferences, and your organization information.