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OppSites is a simple, elegant, and free platform where cities, counties, and economic development professionals showcase real estate development opportunities.


Our Mission

Working together to unlock economic potential.


OppSites empowers city, county, and economic development leaders to identify publicly and privately owned properties where new development will help advance their community's goals, even if those properties are not currently for sale.


Sites are showcased on a searchable web based platform, and can be shared with local and national real estate professionals who can connect with the right city or county leader to begin a meaningful conversation.


OppSites drives economic development by leveraging transparency to facilitate connections between cities that want investment and real estate professionals seeking opportunities.

Approved Listing Organizations

Features for every city, town, and EDO.

OppSites are unique because they only come from qualified listing organizations.
  • Municipal Governments
  • County Governments
  • State Governments
  • Economic Development Agency/Organization/Corporations
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Airports
  • Transit Agencies
  • Port Districts
  • Non-profit Educational Institutions
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Economic Development Professionals beta

Leverage your experience, skills, and knowledge as an Economic Development service provider to create success stories for your clients.


Showcase districts and sites that are ready for investment, market those development opportunities, and connect with interested real estate professionals.


Manage OppSites content on behalf of your clients.

During the beta period, Economic Development Service Providers are able to showcase development sites and districts where new development will support their client's ED strategies.