1414 3rd St (West Oakland SP) #9

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7th Street Opportunity Area, included in the West Oakland Specific Plan. This vision for the 7th Street Opportunity Area specifically reflects the desire for a new TOD neighborhood to be built on the currently vacant sites and parking lots surrounding the West Oakland BART Station, and for the area to contain the following preferred elements: Medium density, podium-style housing with ground floor commercial uses further west on 7th Street, as a transition from the West Oakland BART Station TOD to the surrounding lower-density neighborhoods; Removal of current surface parking lots-- new buildings should contain an appropriate number of parking spaces within the structures themselves; and Building design, construction, and ongoing operation and maintenance requirements that address the issues of air contaminants and noise from the freeway, and noise from BART trains. Other BART train noise reduction strategies such as enclosed tubes and rail grinding will also be pursued.

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BART Station, AC Transit, easy freeway access

Private Investment

City Ventures and Holliday Development are both pursuing new mixed-use projects in West Oakland. Food manufacturers Hodo Soy, Ocho candy-bar maker and Sweet Maria's a green coffee-bean seller, are all expanding operations in West Oakland.

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators

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1414 3 Rd St, Oakland, CA 94607

0.92 acres (40059.27 sqft)
APN: 4-73-10-2

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In June of 2014, the City of Oakland adopted a Specific Plan for West Oakland, an area west of downtown and south of Emeryville. The pla... More

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