2910 Broadway (Broadway Valdez SP) #6

Posted by City of Oakland, CA


Development Site

Development Opportunity


2.35 acres


Privately Owned

Site Description

The Plan designates three Large Opportunity Sites in the North End because of their suitability to accommodate development of larger projects that could be a catalyst for change in the subarea and infl uence the direction and character of other development. While larger format retail space will be encouraged on the opportunity sites, it does not have as high a priority as it does in the Triangle.
Nonetheless, this site is currently currently occupied by a Grocery Outlet with a long term lease.

Fee Schedule

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Planning & Policy Documents / Request for Proposals (RFP)

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Technical/Environmental Studies

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Financial/Economic Reports

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General/Comprehensive Plan Designation

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Master Plan/Specific Plan

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Zoning Designation

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Height Limits

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Floor to Area Ratio (FAR)

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Dwelling Units per Acre

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Parking Requirement

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Other Requirement

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Environmental Approval / Status

EIR for the Specific Plan complete. If project is consistent with the Development Program studied in the EIR, a streamlined environmental process is possible.

Zoned for Preferred Outcomes

Political Support

Community Support






4 blocks from 19th Street BART; multiple AC Transit bus lines; free B Shuttle that travels along Broadway to and from the Broadway Valdez District to Uptown, Lake Merritt, and Jack London Square. Easy access from the I-980 and I-580 freeways.

Private Investment

Sprouts grocery store is under construction and CVS Pharmacy is moving into an historic building. Around 150,000 square feet of new retail/commercial space and 1,200 new housing units are either under construction or in the development pipeline.

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators

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2910 Broadway , Oakland, CA 94611

2.35 acres (102345.5 sqft)
APN: 9-702-1-1

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The City recently adopted a Specific Plan for the Broadway Valdez District, a neighborhood just north of downtown Oakland, adjacent to La... More

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