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Site Description

With this RFQ the Town of Windsor seeks a developer with excellent qualifications to help us realize our Civic Center vision. The selected developer will be expected to deliver a mixed-use development that achieves the Town’s goals for Block A of the Civic Center Visioning Plan, in the furtherance of the Civic Center Master Plan (see Civic Center Plan). The selection process consists of two parts. Part 1 requires submittal of a statement of qualifications, from which the Town will select a short list of developer candidates. In Part 2, developer candidates on the Town’s shortlist will be asked to interview and submit a more detailed proposal in response to an RFP. This RFQ grows out of Windsor’s plans for a vital downtown area, including rethinking its Civic Center area north of the Town Green. The Station Area/Downtown Specific Plan, adopted in 2012,, established a framework for an expanded downtown core. The Windsor Civic Center Visioning Plan (February 2017),, provides more detailed and current urban design guidance for land north of the Town Green. The RFQ pertains to Block A, as defined in the Visioning Plan, a 0.64-acre parcel that currently includes the Huerta Gymnasium and surface parking. Please deliver five bound copies, one unbound copy, and one electronic copy on CD or a thumb drive, no later than 4:00 PM on February 27, 2018. Postmarks will not be accepted.  Copies shall be addressed to:John Jansons, Town Manager Town of Windsor 9291 Old Redwood Hwy., Bldg. 400 P.O. Box 100 Windsor, CA  95492 (707) 838-1000 



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General/Comprehensive Plan Designation

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Master Plan/Specific Plan

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Zoning Designation

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Height Limits

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Floor to Area Ratio (FAR)

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Dwelling Units per Acre

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Parking Requirement

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Other Requirement

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Zoned for Preferred Outcomes

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Environmental Approval / Status

Downtown Specific EIR certified 2012. General Plan EIR pending.





Fee Schedule


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Private Investment

This project is part of the Civic Center Visioning Study.

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators

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9291 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg, CA 95492

6.92 acres (301245.59 sqft)
PO BOX 100, WINDSOR, CA 95492
APN: 066-100-071
Publicly Owned

Contact Robert Ramirez

Robert (from Town of Windsor, CA) has more details.

Sites may currently be vacant or underutilized. In the Planning Area, vacant land accounts for approximately 46 acres Underutilized sites... More

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