Highway Commerical Retail Pads at Busy Ceres Intersection

Posted by City of Ceres, CA


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2.11 acres


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Site Description

This is an exciting opportunity to acquire two vacant parcels (.76 acre and 1.36 acre) situated on Service Road, just east of Mitchell Road, in an area poised for development resulting from the construction on an adjacent parcel of a 350,000 square feet retail center anchored by a new 187,000 square foot Super Walmart store (permits completed plan check and soon to be issued, commencing physical construction). The properties are in immediate proximity to State Route 99 with more than 105,000 VTD passing this interchange at Mitchell Road. Additionally, these parcels are located within a federal designated Opportunity Zone creating eligibility for credits against capital gains funds invested in businesses and/or property developments on these sites. The City and Caltrans are in full design of a new diverging diamond interchange to be constructed approximately 1/3 mile to the west, providing enhanced freeway access from Service Road. Contact Cary Pope, listing agent, at 209 456-6297 for more specific listing information.


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General/Comprehensive Plan Designation

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Master Plan/Specific Plan

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Zoning Designation

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Height Limits

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Floor to Area Ratio (FAR)

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Dwelling Units per Acre

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Parking Requirement

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Other Requirement

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Environmental Approval / Status

Mitchell Road Specific Plan included FEIR and conforming site developments expected to have minimal environmental review.

Zoned for Preferred Outcomes

Political Support

City Council upheld actions to approve nearby Super Walmart during a 7-year litigation, turned down by all Courts.

Community Support

Strong community support for highway/regional serving commercial in this southern entryway to the City.

Fast Track Approval

City has a number of development incentives with the goal of streamlining the development review and entitlement process.

Other Incentives

See City incentives at California Business Incentives Gateway: https://cbig.ca.gov/


.76 acre parcel - $200,000 1.36 acre parcel - 359,000

Fee Schedule

Ceres Fee Schedule


Full city services are underground and can serve these sites.


City has invested more than 2.5 million in roadway infrastructure at Service and Mitchell Roads.

Private Investment


Local Development Trends & Market Indicators

Construction permits for adjacent Super Walmart soon to be issued and construction will commence. This action will certainly stimulate development activity at all nearby vacant properties.
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3125 Service Rd, Modesto, CA 95307

1.35 acres (58892.29 sqft)
2891 GEER RD, TURLOCK CA 95382
APN: 069-023-046
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3109 Service Rd, Modesto, CA 95307

0.76 acres (33234.24 sqft)
2891 GEER RD, TURLOCK CA 95382
APN: 069-023-044

Contact Steven Hallam

Steven, from City of Ceres, CA, has more details.


Created on June 28th, 2018 (last updated about 2 months ago)