Miami-Dade Transit Hub and Mixed Use Development Site

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Site Description

Miami-Dade County invites the submittal of proposals from experienced developers to provide creative and specialized development strategies for approximately 13.25 acres of county-owned property, located at NW 215 Street and NW 27 Avenue, Miami, Florida.
The proposed development must include the following elements: (1) A Transit Hub (refer to attached RFP for specific features and requirements) (2) A Commercial and/or mixed-use development that will provide a pedestrian friendly environment which incorporates the Transit Hub, provides amenities to the surrounding community and to Transit patrons. (3) A public open-air plaza, which will be readily visible and accessible to the residents of the surrounding community and to Transit patrons. (refer to attached RFP for specific features and requirements)
* The most recent Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners Meeting (March, 2015) stated that all proposals received were rejected, and that the solicitation will be re-advertised. Relevant dates and times will follow. * For zoning and planning requirements, contact Irma Matos, Associate Planner at and 305-622-8000, Ext 2675.

Local Description

The Site is located within the City of Miami Gardens, across the street from Calder Casino and Race course, between NW 27th Avenue and NW 29th Avenue, and adjacent to the Florida Turnpike (Homestead Extension). The Site is a combination of two (2) parcels of land, separated by an unimproved road, that together create an irregular shape of developable land. The Site has a significant frontage along NW 27th Avenue, a high traffic volume roadway, which travels from Miami-Dade County into the Broward County.
The County’s development objectives include developing a multi-use commercial corridor or hub, which successfully fosters businesses while enhancing transit system operation and passenger requirements, catalyzing private sector investments, promoting job creation, and serving the needs and interests of the surrounding community in ways that the proposed project will be of highest construction quality and standards in addition to being safe, ecologically responsible, functional, and attractive. The proposed development should provide complimentary uses that capitalize on the proximity to a transit station, serve as a gateway into Miami Gardens, with a mixed-use area and variety of public spaces, and generate a long term source of income for the operation of the transit system.
The following dates are key dates to keep in mind: (1) By December 1, 2016, the selected proposer shall submit 60% design plans of the Transit Hub to the County for review and approval. (2) By no later than October 3, 2016, the selected proposer shall commence with construction of the Transit Hub. (3) By no later than June 30, 2019, the selected proposer shall have substantially completed the construction of the Transit Hub.
The Site will be leased to the selected proposer under a long-term Ground Lease in “as-is” “where-is” condition. The lease term is negotiable; however, it cannot exceed ninety-nine (99) years. The selected proposer shall pay the County the Initial Rent for the period between the award and approval by the Board of County Commissioners and the date that the Selected Proposer is able to occupy any portion of the Development Project under the Ground Lease and/or the Development Agreement (Date of Beneficial Occupancy). In addition, after the Date of Beneficial Occupancy and through the termination of the Ground Lease, the proposer shall pay the County Guaranteed Rent, in accordance with the terms of the Ground Lease.
Refer to the attached RFP for full description and requirements of Design Guidelines. Contact the City of Miami Gardens zoning department for additional information and for questions regarding zoning and land use regulations.

Fee Schedule


Planning & Policy Documents / Request for Proposals (RFP)

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Technical/Environmental Studies

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Financial/Economic Reports

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General/Comprehensive Plan Designation

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Master Plan/Specific Plan


Zoning Designation

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Height Limits


Floor to Area Ratio (FAR)


Dwelling Units per Acre


Parking Requirement


Other Requirement


Environmental Approval / Status

The proposer is solely responsible for any and all environmental remediation and clean-up of the Site. In September of 2010, a third-party entity, Cherokee Enterprises, Inc., performed an initial Phase 1 Environmental Assessment on the Site, which identified a total of 13 Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs). Of the 13 RECs, two (2) RECs were identified as potential environmental concerns, identified as Arsenic concentrations at a higher level than the Groundwater Cleanup Target Level and well exceeded the Natural Attenuation Default Source Concentration level. Further, the Site is located within a designated Brownfield area, known as the Carol City BFA brownfield area. The proposer is encouraged to contact the State of the Florida’s Brownfield Program for various incentive options for clean up and redevelopment of brownfield sites.

Other Incentives

The Site is currently not subject to real estate taxes (ad valorem taxes) and is tax-exempt; however, the tax exemption may not be available during or after completion of the Development Project.

Financial Programs

The funding identified for the development of the Transit Hub shall not be used for environmental remediation. The fund is provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and therefore the proposal agreement must comply with all FDOT requirements for a Transit Oriented Development Project. The selected developer will have the right to exclusively negotiate a ground lease or other suitable form of entitlement with the County for the available property. Grants up to $5,631,399 which may be utilized for any or all portions of the Transit Hub, available for fiscal year 2015 (up to $2,450,000) and for fiscal year 2016 (up to $3,181,399)



Public Investments


Private Investment


Local Development Trends & Market Indicators

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Northwest Dade, FL 33056

13.25 acres (577305.59 sqft)
701 NW 1 COURT, MIAMI FL 33126
Miami-Dade Transit
APN: 3411330030010
Publicly Owned

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