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Site Description

Great opportunity for mixed-use, retail, office, hotel, and other uses, across the street from the International Airport and right at the base of the Light Rail Bridge, by the station. The SeaTac/Airport Light Rail Station offers a 36-minute ride from the City of SeaTac to downtown Seattle, and by 2020, approximately 3,000 riders are expected to board trains at the SeaTac/Airport Station every day. The City of SeaTac is a thriving, culturally diverse community of more than 25,000 residents, plus an attractive and convenient portal to the wonderful activities and destinations of the Pacific Northwest. SeaTac’s proximity to major highways, coupled with excellent light rail access and the presence of Sea-Tac International Airport, make the City a major transportation hub for the Puget Sound region.

Local Description

Across the street from International Airport and at base of Light Rail Bridge, in a lox tax environment. By 2020, approximately 3,000 riders are expected to board trains at the SeaTac/Airport Station every day. For more information, click here. By 2020, approximately 2,600 daily boardings are projected at the Tukwila International Boulevard Station (assuming the system runs from Northgate to South 200th Street). For more information, click here. The 2012 Total Population of SeaTac was 27,504. Visit SeaTac's Economic Development website for more market data, or contact the Economic Development Division at 206.973.4812 or for more information.

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New future sidewalks under capital improvement plan


Adjacent to Airport and Light Rail Station

Private Investment

Two Hotels nearby: Embassy Suites and Hilton

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators

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Seattle, WA 98188

0.42 acres (18224.54 sqft)
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2830 S 176 Th St, Seattle, WA 98188

0.44 acres (19208.8 sqft)
APN: 2823049050
Staticmap?key=aizasyak uzhjne34uyx7rgi7jyegn2misqqzkw&maptype=satellite&path=color%3a0xf59331ff%7cfillcolor%3a0xf5933133%7cweight%3a3%7cenc%3awyq%60hhtlivba%3f%3fpaca%3f%3fqa%3f%3fba%3f%3fpaca%3f%3fqa%3f%3fba%3f%3fpaca%3f%3fqa&scale=1&size=100x100

Seattle, WA 98188

0.29 acres (12596.1 sqft)
Staticmap?key=aizasyak uzhjne34uyx7rgi7jyegn2misqqzkw&maptype=satellite&path=color%3a0xf59331ff%7cfillcolor%3a0xf5933133%7cweight%3a3%7cenc%3akwq%60hzvlivj%40mxe%40ye%3fa%3f%3fj%40mxe%40ye%3fa%3f%3fj%40mxe%40ye%3fa&scale=1&size=100x100

Seattle, WA 98188

0.14 acres (6036.28 sqft)
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17580 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98188

0.91 acres (39596.5 sqft)
APN: 2823049049
Staticmap?key=aizasyak uzhjne34uyx7rgi7jyegn2misqqzkw&maptype=satellite&path=color%3a0xf59331ff%7cfillcolor%3a0xf5933133%7cweight%3a3%7cenc%3awyq%60hzvlivja%3fazemdr%40mf%60ba%3f%3fja%3fazemdr%40mf%60ba%3f%3fja%3fazemdr%40mf%60ba&scale=1&size=100x100

17400 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98188

2.07 acres (90322.05 sqft)
APN: 2823049095

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