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15.76 acres


Privately Owned

Site Description

Large, flat and undeveloped site located in northeast area of Galt. All utilities located within adjacent streets. Zoned for multi-family uses across street and surrounded by single-family residential to the north and west.

Local Description

Large, vacant site is located in the heart of Galt's northeast area. Several thousand single- and multi-family residential units are located or are planned in the immediate vicinity. All infrastructure exists in the immediate vicinity. Excellent opportunity for a lifestyle type of commercial center, with retail, dining and entertainment uses to support this underserved residential area. Although entirely zoned for commercial uses, City staff will also consider applications to rezone the site for a mix of residential and commercial uses.

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Private Investment

Located in northeast area of Galt. Surrounded by residential uses. An 1,800-unit residential community proposed to the northeast of the site is in the planning stages, with entitlements expected mid-2015 and construction expected to begin in late 2015.

Local Development Trends & Market Indicators

Several thousand existing and proposed residential units surround site. Immediate area underserved by retail/dining/entertainment opportunities.
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None Walnut Ave, Galt, CA 95632

0.72 acres (31365.65 sqft)
APN: 14810900030000
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None Walnut Ave, Galt, CA 95632

1.86 acres (80932.5 sqft)
APN: 14810900020000
Staticmap?key=aizasyak uzhjne34uyx7rgi7jyegn2misqqzkw&maptype=satellite&path=color%3a0xf59331ff%7cfillcolor%3a0xf5933133%7cweight%3a3%7cenc%3agrshfpnicv%3f%7dd %40kbhhadl%40fcibx%40xhitbjoa%60kkg%7dbaoi%3f%3f%3f%7dd %40kbhhadl%40fcibx%40xhitbjoa%60kkg%7dbaoi%3f%3f%3f%7dd %40kbhhadl%40fcibx%40xhitbjoa%60kkg%7dbaoi&scale=1&size=100x100

None Walnut Ave, Galt, CA 95632

13.18 acres (574088.28 sqft)
APN: 14810900010000

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